Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 27: Bowling & Mount Auburn

My friend Keith graciously allowed me to win the first game.
Cost: $10
Difficulty: 4
Time: 90 minutes

As a native New Englander, my experience with bowling was limited to what is called "candlepin." Probably most people are more familiar with what I call "Big Ball Bowling," or more commonly "Ten Pin" or just plain "bowling."

Ten pin, despite its large, unwieldy balls is actually easier than candlepin. My very first game of ten pin beat my best candlepin score by almost 30 points. While a perfect game (score of 300) is an incredible feat in ten pen and earns you serious bragging rights, there is no known occurrence of it in candlepin.

While ten pin bowling was definitely "different" for me, I decided to do a double-header this day and go to Mount Auburn cemetery.

Cost: Free
Difficulty: 1
Time: 45 minutes

Throughout the month I've had a "safety": a thing I planned to do if I failed to do anything else different for some reason. With the month almost complete and no missed days, I decided to tack it onto Day 27.

I'd been to Mount Auburn cemetery in every season but Winter. Now I can say that it's a stunningly beautiful place year round. Vibrant and colorful in Spring. Tranquilly verdant in Summer. Gorgeous in Autumn. Quiet and solemn in Winter, particularly after a fresh snow.

I liked that this solemn statue seemed to enjoying some soft-serve ice cream.
I came across a red-tailed hawk feasting on a fresh kill before a gravestone in this symbolism-laden scene.

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