Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1: Free Boxing Lesson

Cost: Free
Difficulty: 6
Time: 1.25 hours, plus travel

My friend Richie suggested a boxing lesson for the first day's activity. There's a place next door to The Paradise in Allston called "The Ring" offering free non-contact lessons.

I arrived 20 minutes early and I was put on a stationary bike to warm-up until the start.

The first part of the class showed us five basic punches practiced in front of a mirror: left and right jabs, hook, left and right upper cuts.

The second part drilled these punches alternately with a bag and the instructor using target pads.

We finished with a core workout doing crunches while throwing medicine balls to a partner.

This is an exhausting workout; I was in significant pain in my deltoids, trapezius and upper abdominals for several days after and I'm not in bad shape to begin with. Richie for some reason experienced much less muscle soreness which maybe means I'm getting old.

Right jab into a bag.
Left hook into Richie, responding with a left upper cut.

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