Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12: Vegan Lunch & Gorey Exhibit at Athenaeum

Cost: $5 suggested donation
Difficulty: 1
Time: 1 hour for lunch, 1 hour for Gorey Exhibit

I never learned to love my veggies. So a vegetarian or vegan meal is something different. Jessica and Leo suggested lunch at Red Lentil in Watertown. I had the vegan pancakes, which maybe was kind of cheating since it didn't have a lot of veggies, but was topped with a nice helping of fruit. It was yummy and some of the other more vegetable dishes (but not necessarily vegan) looked good too so I may have to go back here for another meal.

Next, we joined Abigail Taylor and friends at the Boston Athenaeum (pronunciation) to see their Edward Gorey exhibit, a small collection of his prints, drawings and letters (including the envelopes he sent his mother, decorated in his unique style).

Photography was prohibited inside the Athenaeum, so here's a picture of the outside.
But Abi plays by her own rules, so here's a picture she took of the inside.
Afterwards, we went around the corner for drinks at the Beantown Pub.

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