Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3: Concert and Afterparty

Cost: Free
Difficulty: 1 (3 if you have a head cold)
Time: 4 hours

Day 3 was an "opportunity knocks" thing. My friend Craig MacNeil was DJing the afterparty at House of Blues for the Chromeo show and offered free tickets on Facebook to the first few friends who sent him an email. I happened to see his post within a few minutes and got tickets for Richie and myself.

When we arrived, we received wrist bands that allowed us to come and go from the "Foundation Room," a stylish  Hindu-themed area on the mezzanine level. Its quiet, dimly-lit chambers with pillowed couches and hyper-attentive staff gave a nice retreat from the main venue which usually suffers from overcrowding.

I'd come down with a mild head cold the day before so wasn't feeling super fantastic, which is too bad because it was a great show and a much better experience than my last concert at HOB.

Chromeo. Unlike my last show at HOB, I could actually see the band.

Colin Smith, lounging in the Foundation Room.

Me, Jeff Sullivan and Richie Kohman

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