Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4: Learn to Tie a Bow-Tie, Wear Bow-Tie to Party

Difficulty: 3
Cost: $20
Time: 1 hour to find a place that sold real bow ties (Gingiss Formal Ware), 1 hour to learn, 4 hours for travel time and party

"Bow-ties are cool."

They are also easy to tie, if you already know how. That is, it's simpler than a half-Windsor, but like most knots difficult to learn from a diagram. I'm not going to try to explain how to tie one here, but I found this video helpful. Step 4 is the tricky part because the main action is occurring behind the bow, which you can't see if you're using a mirror (and you can't see any of the steps if you're not).

It took me about 20-30 tries to get it right.

The reason I'd learned to tie a bow-tie was to attend a Colonial-era themed fancy pants party in an 18th century tavern my friend Constantine had been restoring. In what was becoming a trend, Richie was my date.

Sara and our host, Constantine

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